​​​Introducing cancer genomic testing...​​
 We are excited to introduce to you a new feature of our proactive care program- Cancer Genetic (CGx) testing.

Our cancer genomics analyzes the patient’s DNA, searching for the mutations that are known to be associated with an increased risk of hereditary cancer.

Why shoud I be interested in CGx testing?

You may be at an increased risk for hereditary cancer if you or your family has a history of any of the following:

  • An individual having more than 1 cancer
  • An individual who has multiple close family members under the age of fifty with a cancer diagnosis
  • An individual having three or more close family members with different types of cancer
  • Or, an individual having a family member that has previously had cancer genetic testing, and mutations were identified.

In addition, if standard treatments have failed, such as chemotherapy, cancer patient’s need a more targeted, personalized treatment plan. Our genomic tests uncover patient specific variants that can predict the response to treatment.
​​​Comprehensive, Accurate, and Simple
Webdoctors Plus provides a truly comprehensive report indicating a patient’s potential susceptibility to various hereditary cancers. Our testing procedures uses the latest sequencing technology to analyze samples in an expediated, yet accurate way.

Our cancer genomics reports are easy to ready and provides you with clinically significant data based on the most recent medical literature.
​​​Take control of your health today!​​
To request a test or to learn more about this service, please reach out to us using the form below.