​​​Delivering the best-in-class patient experience to you and your organization
Webdoctors Plus can improve the healthcare for you and your membering while maximizing your ROI. Our complete telehealth and wellness solutions provides you with something you and your members can feel good about.

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We've got your organization covered.

Board-certified physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists available on demand for both live video and phone consultations. High quality, convenient healthcare for your organization members. Learn how Webdoctors can help your organization below!

  1. For Health Plans

    The cost of healthcare continues to rise and the insurance industry is changing as new healthcare laws take effect. WEBDOCTORS PLUS offers health plans a strategy for improvement and growth during this transition while providing convenience, cost savings and peace of mind to your customers.

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  2. For Small Businesses

    Offer your workers a NEW benefit that increases access to affordable medical care. Your workers can now speak to a board-certified medical doctor 24/7 via phone and live video. Provide your members with a FREE cost-effective health benefit.

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  3. For Health Systems

    Expand your enterprise and increase your recognition by integrating our comprehensive health and wellness solution. Weboctors Plus empowers providers to meet the challenges of strategically implementing telehealth in a way that aligns with their prioritues.

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  4. For Associations

    Give a real boost to your recruitment and retention efforts by offering a valuable, convenient and affordable benefit to your members. WebDoctors Plus gives members 24/7/365 access to quality healthcare by web, phone or mobile device. They’ll thank you with their support, applications and renewals.

    We Support Our Association Partners… We voluntarily contribute a portion of our proceeds back into the association. 
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  5. For Brokers and Consultants

    Webdoctors Plus provides a comprehensive suite of innovative products, services, and technologies that are guaranteed to satisfy your clients and grow your base.

    Webdoctors Plus goes the extra mile to enure that your clients use their benefits with strategic marketing. 
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  6. For employers

    Webdoctors Plus partners with employers to deliver high-quality care when and where your employees need it, 24/7. Our focus is on quality - from the seamless experience we offer, to our fully employed medical group of board-certified physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists. We can help increase employee satisfaction and productivity while reducing costly visits to the ER or urgent care.
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Why Choose Webdoctors Plus?

Delivering a comprehensive solution featuring proactive care at a lower cost.

Improving access

Lowering the cost

Transforming the experience

Proactive vs. Reactive care

Nationwide coverage with board certified physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists. 24/7/365 availability, with an average wait time under 5 minutes.
Webdoctors Plus can treat 90% of the conditions most commonly seen in the ER and urgent care, dramatically lowering healthcare costs.
Delight your employees. No more driving to the doctor’s office and waiting in waiting rooms. Our average visit rating is 4.8/5 stars.
Our program uniquely combines urgent care online with population health and wellness tools that gets AND keeps your members healthy and happy.
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​​​How Webdoctors Plus can improve your bottom line...
By reducing medically unnecessary visits to emergency rooms or urgent care centers, we help your orgranization save both time and money. Our unique fusion of urgent care online and population health management tools provides you with a truly comprehensive, proactive program that will save you money.

​Find our how much you can save by reaching out to us.

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