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Health Systems

WEBDOCTORS PLUS enables health systems to increase access to and reach of their services while reducing costs
WEBDOCTORS PLUS provides delivery networks with an advanced technology platform that supports immediate, convenient access to providers for consultations via seamless and secure voice, video and mobile devices.
Our software is highly configurable, reliable and workflows the way doctors treat patients.
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WebDoctors Plus  delivers technology that works the way hospitals and health systems need it to work. Our robust administrative features provide functionality that health systems should expect, ranging from multiple user roles to customizable marketing content.

Our advanced modalities—and capabilities such as full-featured mobile and web applications with embedded video and multi-party video—demonstrate our continuous commitment to innovation and delivering new features and functionality to the providers we serve.

Added Revenue

Coordinated Care

Market Share

Whether you are planning for comprehensive, enterprise-wide telehealth—including outpatient care and remote patient monitoring—or a phased approach beginning with a select patient population, WebDoctors offers the industry’s most comprehensive range of telehealth solutions available today for hospitals and health systems.

Hospitals and health systems face numerous challenges today, including new compensation models, continued pressure for cost reduction while simultaneously improving outcomes, and the ongoing need to attract and retain patients. WebDoctors empowers providers to meaningfully impact any and all of these challenges through telehealth.

Hospitals and health systems are thinking about telehealth and planning for it, but very few have broad-based telehealth in place today. Different health systems have different clinical and organizational goals. That’s why we work with providers to create a plan—often in several phases—to strategically implement telehealth in a way that aligns with their priorities.

Expand your enterprise

  • Generate revenue
  • Connect with local consumers and employers
  • Reduce enterprise healthcare costs
  • Improve patient access
  • Increase rural access and community outreach
  • Improve medical group productivity and satisfaction
  • Enhance care coordination and readiness for accountable care through remote monitoring
Increase Recognition

WEBDOCTORS PLUS partners with health systems to help them reach every potential patient in their region. Not only does virtual care allow you to treat patients remotely, it improves care by making it easier to monitor patients, follow up and administer preventive treatment.
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