Getting Started

  You have successfully registered as a clinician on DMERX. Once your credentials are confirmed you will be notified by email.  Feel free to view video tutorials , which will also appear on the home page of DMERX once you log-in.    
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We receive DME Telemedicine Exam requests on demand from varied states. When consultations for your state come in we will assign it to the providers for that state based on your availability (as outlined in the previous section). You will then receive an email notifying to log in to DMERX for each patient assigned to you. Please keep in mind that time is of the essence. The more quickly we can make positive contact with the patient the more volume we can receive. In turn, the more volume we receive the more States we can reach keeping everyone sufficiently busy. It is important to make initial contact with the patient within the first 24-48 hours of being notified. 
  For inbound calls. 

Please note that you have been assigned an extension with Webdoctors Plus. You will receive an email within 24 hours after registering that will contain your callback number and extension along with further details in getting started. 

For Outbound Calls

You may download the application via our Webdoctors Plus Download Center . This app will allow you to make secure calls while maintaining your privacy.
Please let us know your current availability as soon as possible. 

You may choose to:

(1) - Notify us of the days of the week you are available on a standing basis and email us if there is a change, or

(2)-  Email us from week to week as your availability changes by Friday of each week.

Click Here to Send Us an Email.
Learn How to Set Up Secure Outbound Calls From Your Mobile Device
 Any questions regarding these processes may be directed to Provider Support by email:  or phone: 866-673-6773 x819 .