​There are two key objectives behind this unique care model. First, we  incentivize our members for utilization of our telehealth (24/7 Virtual Care) solution and for engagement in our preventive health initiatives. We are the only telehealth provider that funds our own reward program (learn more below). Secondly,  we use a proactive vs reactive approach in our deliver of virtual care, which sets us miles ahead of similar virtual care programs today on the market who simply react to request for consults. This unique care model provides several benefits to our members, and plan administrators.    

Health WatchTM

HealthWatch™ tremendously enhances our 24/7 Virtual Care program. This proactive care program allows our care team to monitor the health and wellness of our members by utilizing proprietary brief health and lifestyle assessments, that are automatically generated amongst our patient population throughout the year- annually, providing us key data. This tool aids in the early detection of preventable health risk and disease, it educates our members,  as well as directs them to either the appropriate telehealth care solution within our system or directs them to their primary care physician if necessary.  

Participation in this program is completely voluntary, however, it greatly impacts good healthy habits and  member engagement in our program as a whole.   

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