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Let us show you how easy it is to finally gain the edge in the escalating battle with healthcare cost

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Our chief objective is to provide our members with proactive vs​ reactive care.
All of our members are eligible for the following benefits:
24/7 Virtual Healthcare
Health Watch Program
myRewards Program
Lab Diagnostic Testing
myPharmacy Program
Medical Chat
and more...

iOS, Android, or Online- Your Choice

Our proprietary mobile app and online patient portal connects our members to a wide array of services, ranging from telehealth access to medical chat. We feature proactive patient rewards, driving engagement and utilization while rewarding patients for healhty habits.

Available soon for download

Proactive      Care

Consumers are demanding more from America’s health care system, and rightfully so. Historically, the system has been organized around treating the sick and compensating physicians based solely on the number of services and procedures ordered — an arrangement frequently called fee-for-service.

Value-based care is shifting the health care system to a model that emphasizes the importance of keeping people healthy and rewards physicians for coordinating care, for providing the appropriate care for each patient’s situation and for actual health outcomes. Care providers’ compensation is now based in part on keeping a population healthy, not just on how many tests or services are ordered.
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